We have no idea what we're doing here. We're just part of a stock 1&1 image bank!
We have no idea what we're doing here. We're just part of a stock 1&1 image bank!

Welcome to Uro-Mug. 


It's the only way "to go"!

It's the brand new URO-MUG!

(Yes, there's a sort of similar product made for men golfers to use on the golf course. But that's the problem. It's only good if you're a man and you have to "go" on the golf course.)

 Uro-Mug is for anyone!

It's for going anywhere, anyplace, any time in the great outdoors!




 There's a "his" & "her" version of the Uro-Mug.

Hers has a handle! His holds more!

Plus the "hers" version comes with something we prefer not to show here. And a detailed diagram too! 

Both come with that beautiful (and water-repellant) "privacy tablecloth" pictured above. No matter where you are it's big enough to get under and answer the call of nature.

We've made the Uro-Mug logo nice and large so you don't accidently get it mixed up with one of your regular coffee mugs!

Coming soon!

Not available in stores!

Come back & pre-order soon!

Retail: $19.99 each, plus shipping & handling.

And remember each Uro-Mug comes with it's own plaid privacy tablecloth!

It's perfect for those times when you find you have to keep going and going and going and going and......




Get Up & Go with your Uro-Mug!
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